Breastfeeding Support – 6 Days

If pregnancy was a rollercoaster journey, initial few days postpartum is like a maze without a map. A mother is still recovering from birth, understanding her baby’s needs and coping with this new phase. To add to this, a lot of moms struggle with breastfeeding.

Unlike popular belief, breastfeeding isn’t an instinctive journey for every mother. There are many moms who find it very easy from the beginning (a lot depends on how the birth went and her preparation during pregnancy) but for the majority of moms, initial days are the trial and error part of a learning curve.

Most moms receive some level of basic support at the hospital from nurses, doctors or lactation consultants. However, the challenge begins once she is discharged and returns home with the baby. At home she is devoid of the expert support she received in the 1st few days and then the issues begin.

Moms struggle with sore nipples, engorged breasts, red and swollen breast, cranky babies etc. Most of the issues happen due to lack of information about some critical aspects of breastfeeding like how to identify if baby is hungry, how to hold the baby comfortably, how to latch the baby properly, what is the 1st course of action in case of soreness etc.

Research has proven that moms who start of to a breastfeeding journey with ease at the beginning end up breastfeeding longer than moms who have an uncomfortable 1st month.

Our Sahodari’s will be your guiding hand through this period. The 1st visit will be the next day after you come back home from the hospital and the support continues for 6 days. During the daily 1-hour visit, our Sahodari will educate you, assess you, support you, solve your problems for you and most importantly ensure you and your baby start off on your breastfeeding journey with confidence and comfort. For more serious issues, we have a lactation consultant on board who will work with you and the Sahodari.

If you require support longer than 6 days, we will happily provide that to you till you are confident on your own.

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