Reduce your chances of having a C section by 28%

With the support of a Skilled Birth Companion

Benefits Of Sahodari During Labour & Child Support

Studies have shown that anxious and frightened women experience a higher level of discomfort, pain, negative birth experience and at times higher rates of C-section birth.  

However, having a skilled companion at this time to offer the much needed assurance, physical, emotional and educational support can help women have a safe, memorable and empowering birthing experience. This is what a Sahodari is all about! A ’Labour & Birth” Sahodari is trained in non-medical procedures like breathing techniques, comfort measures, relaxation processes, massage, emotional support,  breastfeeding support etc to help women to be feel empowered and in- control of their birthing process. 

Benefits of having a Sahodari during labour and birth:

Research has shown the following benefits with skilled companions during labour & birth:

  • Less likely to use pain relief medications and less likelihood of Caesarean birth.
  • Higher chances of spontaneous vaginal birth
  • More positive childbirth experience
  • Decrease length of labour
  • Decreased request for epidural
  • Reduced stress and anxiety for the mother during labour
  • Reduced stress for the spouse and family


Scope Of Practice Performed by Our Sahodari’s

The Sahodari will be available for 72 hours during labour and birth and will support the pregnant woman during this time.

The services offered include:

  • Non-clinical and safe labour comfort measures limited to postures, positions, massages and showers.
  • Will be on call for Labour and will stay as long as the mother needs her.
  • Help with initial breastfeeding and train the mother regarding appropriate holding, latching, posture etc.
  • Help the family with informational support.
  • The Sahodari will work in conjunction with the family and not on her own.
  •  Sahodari willnot impose her opinion/views on the mother or the doctor.
  • Sahodari will not interfere with the working principles of the hospital.

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