Reduce your chances of getting Postnatal Depression by 57%

With support of a Skilled Birth Companion

Benefits of Having a Sahodari Post Pregnancy

Hence, maternal care is of utmost importance during this period. This is also the beginning of a parenting role, sleepless nights, adjusting to breastfeeding and the feeding schedule,  etc which can further lead to anxiety and stress.

This is when the new mother and family requires skilled support for a stress free transition to a more confident and relaxed phase. The Post partum Sahodari is trained in the traditional ayurvedic care (massage)of mother, breastfeeding support like proper latching, appropriate positions , troubleshooting of common breastfeeding problems, emotional well- being etc.

Benefits of having a Sahodari during immediate postnatal period:

Research has shown the following benefits with skilled companions during the immediate postnatal period:

  • Feel more relaxed  and less fatigued
  • Faster recovery and rejuvenation
  • Improved milk supply
  • Greater success and maintenance of breastfeeding
  •  less likely to suffer from postpartum depression.
  • Better bonding with the baby
  • Better digestion and bowel movements
  • Improved immunity
  • Improved relationship with the spouse and family dynamics

Scope Of Practice Performed by Our Sahodari’s

The Sahodari will support the new mother after childbirth and discharge from the hospital. These visits will be every day for 7/14/28 days depending on the package and for 2 hours.

For a normal delivery, the service is available from 1 week after delivery date, provided there are no ongoing medical complications. The package includes a consultation with an Ayurvedic Physician to customise and monitor the postnatal Ayurvedic therapy program at the comfort of your home .

For c-section, the service will be available in 6-8 weeks after delivery date, post medical clearance. The package includes a consultation with an Ayurvedic Physician to customise and monitor the postnatal Ayurvedic therapy program at the comfort of your home .

The services offered include:

  • Initial breastfeeding help and supportat home. She can also connect through Skype/Audio with ilove9months experts in case the mother needs one-to-one personal consult with a lactation consultant
  • Traditional ayurvedic postpartum ayurvedic therapy:
    1. Massage is integral to maternal care after delivery. This helps to tone the body, help in healing the tissues, relieves aches and pains, releases toxins , relaxes the body, promotes sleep, improves lactation etc.
    2. Abdominal banding ( if requested by client): Has many benefits including toning the abdominal muscles, back support to relieve backache etc.
  • Training and helping the mother massage the baby: Massage with special oils improve sleep, relieves digestive issues, tones the skin and muscles etc.
  • Evaluate any signs of postpartum blues and/or depression. If there are any red flags, Sahodari will discuss with the client and make appropriate referral if requested.
  • Evaluate any red flags and discuss with the client
  • Measure basic vitals like blood pressure, blood glucose and temperature.

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