Manage gestational diabetes, hypertension, pregnancy discomforts

By having the skilled support of a birth companion

Benefits Of Sahodari During Pregnancy

Along with your clinical care, the holistic and skilled support provided by the Sahodari lays down the foundation for a safe and healthy pregnancy, childbirth and post partum.

Benefits of having a Sahodari during pregnancy: Research has shown that physical and emotional support by skilled companions can result in:

  • Safe and healthy pregnancy
  • Improved awareness of fetal development pattern and identifying red flags.
  • Improved awareness and management of pregnancy high risk factors like gestational Diabetes, Hypertension etc and reduced rate of c-section
  • Empowered and informed decision making
  • Easy labour and birth
  • Increased confidence in breast feeding and other parenting skills
  • Reduced stress and anxiety leading to positive memories
  • Physically and emotionally  in-control of motherhood

Scope Of Practice Performed by Our Sahodari’s

This service is available for 9 months of pregnancy. The Sahodari will visit the mother once a fortnight or once in 2 weeks for 1 hour. In these visits, the following will be covered: 

  • Measure the vitals like BP, Glucose level, weight etc.
  • Help the mother to perform a Prenatal Yoga/exercise routine.
  • Perform prenatal ayurvedic massage as per the scope of ilove9months.
  • Evaluate the emotional wellbeing.
  • Help with understanding of required pre-natal testing and evaluate their completion
  • Referral advise to other services if any high-risk factors noticed.
  • Help with consultation with ilove9months experts.
  • Provide standard nutrition information as per the trimester and help connect with the expert if requested.
  • Give trimester specific information and advice as and when needed.

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