Preparation for Birth

Pregnancy is a rollercoaster journey and the largest wave of fear comes in as you get closer to the third trimester. Fears set in and couples face a plethora of thoughts. Most of the fears arise due to lack of correct information. Most of the information is gathered by browsing the internet and from friends, relatives and close family. Too much information can be detrimental and to make matters worse, people love telling horror stories of birth.

If a couple is well informed, prepared both physically and emotionally, it makes a lot of difference to the birth experience. This is where we step in. We start working with you from the 8th month of pregnancy till birth and 6 days postpartum. We help you understand the process, prepare for what’s to come and help you hands-on to deal with your fears, challenges and roadblocks.

In every 1-hour session you will learn something new that will guide and prepare you. We cover a vast range of topics like understanding labour, relaxation measures for labour & birth, non-medical options for comfort like massage and rubs, basics of breastfeeding, breathing exercises, what to expect in the hospital, what all to pack in your hospital bag, the emotional changes post birth and how to tackle breastfeeding challenges if you have any.

Along with the hands-on sessions, we provide handouts and reading material for you to practice these measures. All this within the comfort of your own home!

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