Who is Sahodari?

From time immemorial, the journey of motherhood is when women have needed the maximum care and support. Family, friends, medical personnel formed the crux of the support system during this challenging phase.

However, with time, the emergence and rapid increase of Nano and nuclear families, fast-paced lifestyle and a overburdened medical system has led to the disintegration of this very critical support system.

Why Sahodari?

We, at I Love 9 Months, believe that changing situations and needs do not necessarily affect how healthy and beautiful motherhood can be. A trained professional can provide a high standard of care to help you achieve the healthiest and most satisfying birth experience possible.

This is what a Sahodari – Trained Birth Companions are all about! They are certified professionals who provides physical, emotional and informational support at the comfort of your home, to ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy and postpartum. They are trained to provide advice on nutrition, fitness, emotional well-being, antenatal wellness, support and comfort measures during labour and birth, breast-feeding support, Pregnancy and post pregnancy Ayurvedic massage etc. The Sahodari’s help you to be better informed, empowered and confident to manage the challenges of the motherhood. They are not medical professionals and do not perform medical tasks.

Generally, it is your family and friends whom you rely on for guidance in this important transitional phase. With changing times, the needs and aspirations have become different and varied from what could be offered by family and friends. That’s the reason, we have professionalised and expanded this role to bring the best possible outcome for you and your family.

Let Our Sahodari Help You

We can help you to have an
  • Improved awareness of pregnancy high-risk factors
  • Empowered and informed decision making
  • Improved Healthcare Utilisation
  • Safe and healthy pregnancy
  • Easy labour and birth
  • Reduced incidence of Postnatal depression
  • Increased confidence in breastfeeding and other parenting skills
  • Reduced stress and anxiety leading to positive memories
  • Physically and emotionally in-control of motherhood

Scope Of Services

Pregnancy Care

Labour and Birth Care

Postnatal 7/14/28 Day

Post Pregnancy Care

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